All About us...

Here at into the wild we are not only passionate about the animals under our care but about giving others the opportunity to interact with these animals first hand.

Education is the key to dispelling a lot of myths that still surround these creatures. we have found that during our three years operating in the education sector this hands on approach works best. we never push anybody into an uncomfortable situation but would rather encourage people to overcome fears, phobias and general uncertainties. We have found this approach to be extremely successful even for the most wary visitors. 

Matthew has had over 25 years experience with these amazing creatures and followed a dream to open predators in shipley. Matthew has been educating young children both at into the wild and in schools for numerous years.

Kayleigh has had numerous years of experience and her personal collection started over 10 years ago. Kayleigh has been running parties and educational talks at into the wild for 3 years and easily connects with children of all ages and abilities.