Educational Visits

Do you want a dynamic, new and exciting approach to engaging your pupils with the living world?  

Using a wide array of reptiles from snakes to frogs to tarantulas, we tailor our sessions to suite your age group and current subject matter. Be it living things and their habitats, evolution and inheritance or a general understanding of the living world. Presentations also encompasses geography, basic genealogy and bodily function giving a truly amazing and memorable experience for all. We are passionate about educating youngsters and encourage a hands on attitude at all times.Suitable for nursery upwards, sessions are as little as £100 per class and last approximately 1 and a half hours giving exceptional value for such a unique teaching aid. We can either come to your site or you are welcome to come to the Into the wild premises which have been specifically designed and built to be a multi sensory experience and a visually stimulating space for children of all ages. 

Our school animal science workshops for the early years and foundation stage are very sensory fun hands on experiences for younger pupils ad complement the curriculum topic 'Understanding The World'

See It - Feel It

A practical, sensory experience introducing pupils to fascinating creatures with scales, fur or shells. The children are invited to guess what the different animals might feel like, and then compare this with their experience of actually touching them, and to think about how their senses might compare to how the animals feel things, and helps them to appreciate the importance of treating animals with care and respect.

Children see at first-hand how a tortoise plods and a snake slithers, and then try moving in the same way. They will be prompted to think about how each animal's way of moving plays a part in its adaptation to its environment. 

Our primary school workshops are designed to inspire pupils through hands-on experience. They will each have the opportunity to touch or hold our amazing animals and will be encouraged to ask and answer questions.

We tailor our presentations to each school's requirements - so just ask if you would like us to combine workshop themes or create a completely new animal presentation to fit in with an area of study. We have workshops to complement the science, English and geography curriculums.

Each of the following workshops can be presented at an appropriate level for any primary school year group:

The Desert

Pupils meet animals, native to desert habitats and learn how they are adapted to survive in dry, arid conditions. They are given opportunities to discuss how animals are camouflaged and encouraged to observe how each part of an animal's body has an essential function. 

The Tropical Rain Forest

This session introduces children to a range of rain forest animals and mini-beasts. They see how the animals' bodies are adapted to a warm, humid climate and learn about how they hunt for food and hide from predators. We explain why rainforests are so important and describe how they are under threat. Through the handling of our geckos and tarantulas, children will learn, first-hand, about the concept of conservation and hopefully develop a need to protect their environment.

Predators and Prey

Pupils learn the terms predator, prey and producer and make links between plants and animals in the form of food chains.

Pupils can also see first hand a carnivorous predator, as our bosc monitor eats live food


By looking at, and touching, mini-beasts pupils discover their different body types, including exoskeletons. This includes a giant African snail, giant milipedes, stick insects, hissing cockroaches and tarantulas..

Habitats and Adaptation

Students will identify and name a variety of common animals including amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates and discover how different animals are adapted to their habitats. 

Evolution & Inheritance

Using our hands on animal experience we introduce the pupils to the concept that "Evolution is change over time" and "Inheritance is when something is passed on to the next generation". 

Animals from around the world

We introduce animals from a range of countries and climate zones and explain how they are adapted to their habitats, particularly rainforests and desert regions. 

we can also cover specific countries and continents if required. just ask!

Teachers can use our sessions as a starting point for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Some possibilities could include, in KS1: instructions, non-chronological reports, recounts, or even riddles.

Then, in KS2: a newspaper report, acrostic poetry, explanation texts or persuasive writing.


"Our students had such a great time meeting the animals Kayleigh brought in with her. Norman was a huge hit exploring the hall and the pupils enjoyed watching him much his treats! Kayleigh was really great adapting her sessions to meet the complex needs of our school, and the animals brought huge smiles to all the pupils and staff that attended the session." High Park School


We would like to thank you for the work you did on our recent school booking.

The children were thoroughly engaged and had the most wonderful day.

As you may remember, we booked you to support our science topic of animal adaptations and habitats for our Year 5 and 6 children. The sheets that you catered towards our topic, enabled the children to make the most of your visit and were very appropriate for the task, their ability and age.

It was Kayleigh and Marcus who attended and their subject knowledge was second to none. I also learned lots during the session.

We felt the range of animals you brought and their different adaptations really helped develop the children's knowledge and understanding. They very much enjoyed the handling part of the session and the amazon milk frog and giant millipede went down a treat. There's no denying that the tortoises were a great hit too though - especially when we had to prise the door wedge out of one of their beaks! My favourite was definitely Olive, the monitor lizard, who stole my heart and I was lucky enough to get a cuddle too.

 I was very impressed with not only the day but the outcomes of the follow on work. The children were confident and able in showing their new knowledge and progress was clear.

As a school, we feel that your costings are very reasonable and have recommended you to other year groups. We will definitely be having you back, which is why we bribed you with a free school lunch :)

We would very much like to thank you for bringing this topic to life. The children have not only had a fun way of accessing the topic but will have memories and knowledge that stay with them for a long time.

We look forward to seeing you back again in the future and wish yourselves and your business well.

Miss Rebecca Nutton,

UPK2 teacher

Cross Lane Primary School


We had been studying Classification, so it was fantastic to see and touch some of the amazing organisms, with Into the Wild. Kayleigh and her team have a real passion, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge about their animals that ensures immediate engagement. Students are reassured and quickly build confidence and are encouraged to handle the animals in a calm safe manner. Knowledge is quickly gained in a relaxed environment and students are confident to continually ask questions. Overall I can recommend this as an outstanding learning experience for students of any age group, interested in learning more about living things.

The session was very engaging and the children loved to handle and see the animals. The session linked closely to the national curriculum and work sheets were used to aid the children's learning about all of the animals and their places of origin.
Thanks again,
Year 2 Teacher East Morton CE Primary School