Brookfield Gets a Second visit :)


On Wednesday 19th June 2019, Into the Wild had the amazing priviledge of visiting the wonderful residents of Brookfield Residential Home for a second time.

This time i met a few different residents who were very keen not only to interact with the variety of animals but also to tell me their stories of snake wrangling in the outback of australia, the snake whispering in india and gardening techniques :)

In amongst the animals i took this time were Dinky and Homer the bearded dragons, Gregory the giant sulcata, our resident millipede and Titanium the tarantula much to Traceys' disapproval haha. Of course Olive the bosc joined us and the residents got to meet Cosmos the nosy be panther chameleon. Albie the barn owl also made a brief apperance but she was in such a bad mood she didnt want to be interacted with very much.

As soon as Gregory was allowed out of his travel box he aimed for outside where one of the residents fed him organic vegetables that he had grown himself at the residential home, such a spoilt boy!! He thanked Colin for this by relieving himself on the grass, tut tut!!!

All residents were keen to hold or at least stroke the majority of the reptiles we took and the staff also got involved with some conquering fears of tarantulas by holding titanium!

As always it is a pleasure to meet these amazing people and hear about their histories :)

i hope to be back very soon :)