Reptiles Visit Elm Tree Court Idle


On 12th of April (yes i know the blog post is late!) Into the Wild was invited to spend a couple of hours with the residents and families of elm tree court residential home in idle. Firstly The residents in here have no fear!!! We take a little royal python oh no they wanted roxy the big 13ft burmese haha. Next time ;)

This was the biggest Residential home session i had undertaken but would do it again in a heartbeat. A lot conquered fears and a few even wanted to keep titanium the chile rose tarantula!

Norman the Sulcata tortoise ran around doing his usual thing of pooping and weeing and generally being and embarrassment to me, ah well everyone seemed to enjoy him. The children that were visiting seemed to love him and followed him round with cabbage! alongside his bowel habits normans favourite thing to do is eat!

Overall the care staff, families and most importantly the resistents were amazing and i wouold like to take this oppertunity to thank you for inviting me and my quirky reptiles to see you all and i hope it is not too long before i see you again!