Reptiles visit Residential home


Friday 8th March

Into the Wild were invited up to Brookfield Residential Home in Nabwood to allow residents to interact with unusual animals. The residents had chance to hold, stroke or touch Solar (The chameleon), Olive (the bosc monitor), Norman (the sulcata tortoise) and Lucifer (the salmon boa). This was the first time i personally had had the opportunity to experience a residential home and was overwhelmed at how the experience went. All residents were amazing and very lovely people and i even had a lady who will be 102 this year get involved in the session! Non of the residents were over the moon about meeting a snake for the first time but everyone loved Norman even if he did take himself off to poop in a room! how very naughty!!! Olive also enjoyed the experience and was very happy to sit on cushions to protect the residents from her claws and have loving snuggles.

Solar did his usual thing and strolled up and down arms and sat on everyones head and got a little bit excited at some of the ladies :)

It was beautiful to witness the older generation touch and get to know these amazing animals as most of them had only ever seen them on TV! 

Im really hoping to get back and see all the residents again soon as i know they touched my heart just as i hope i touched theirs  :')


Into the Wild