Our Animals


Female Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Around 6 years old.

Rosie Came to into the wild around 2 Years ago and has been a lovely handlable addition since. As a fully grown female she is of substantial size (7 inch leg span) and her colours make her rather impressive.

Rosie loves to come out and meet new people and friends during sessions but can occasionally flick hair when going away.


Female Blue Tongued Skink


Male Albino Burmese Python.

Approaching 5 years old.

Bred in store at predators and his mum and dad were Bonnie and Clyde.

Well known for his happy go lucky cheeky attitude.  Very inquisitive and always into everything he shouldn't be. very well loved by all staff and his roommate Ralph.

Reggie likes to explore everywhere and tuck his tail into belt loops. He also likes to swing from wires.


Female Bosc Monitor

currently 3 years old

Olive has been with us from about 6 weeks old when we had to hand feed her as she was the smallest one of her brothers and sisters. She is very unique as she only has half a tail as she was born like that. Olive quickly grew a strong bond with kayleigh and lived down a tshirt for the majority of her working hours. 
Olive started doing parties and sessions at 5 months old and now a party wouldnt be a party without her chasing bugs!!
Olive loves to be cuddled like a new born baby on your shoulder. She doesnt like you to wind her up when it comes to feeding time!


Female Chile Rose Tarantula

Around 8 years old.

Titanium has been with us for over a year now and is an extremely calm girl. Very predictable with her movements and generally takes 3 steps then stops! 
Due to her gentle nature titanium has helped numerous people, both adults and children towards overcoming arachnophobia.

Titanium likes to eat every couple of months but doesnt like been slightly sprayed down in her tank.


Male Yemen Chameleon

Approaching 8 years old

Basil is a long standing member of into the wild and has gone into semi retirement due to his age. 
Basil is an old man but still loves to come down to the occasional party and session and do meet and greets. Exremely well mannered (for a yemen!) and very chilled out. 

Basil loves to eat his waxworms and fruit beetle grubs but dislikes faceplanting his substrate in order to get them!


Male Sulcata Tortoise

Around 6 Years Old

Norman has had a very gender confused upbringing as he has been assumed to be both male and female. it has recently come to light he is a definate male and proud!
Norman is a very cheeky tortoise and loves to eat everything he shouldnt. A few examples of these are bin bags, kitchen rolls, chippings, snake shed and many more.
Norman likes to pace up and down and explore around him, but dislikes been shoved around by his bigger housemate Gregory.


Female Albino Royal Python

Age is Unknown

Saturn has been with us for around 3 years and is very used to been handled. She currently lives alongside Neptune but will be moving tanks to live with Pluto for a while. 

Saturn first became a mummy in 2018 and had 6 eggs which when hatched produced beautiful albino babies.

Saturn spends her time exploring her tank and tightly wedging herself  in her tube


Granite Burmese Python

Around 2 and a half years Old

Marmite came to predators around 18 months ago and was instantly a hit. He is a vocal little man but a huge hit at both parties and educational sessions.
Marmite has already been paired with our resident female roxy and they produced a small clutch of eggs and some very low patterned babies.
He lives in a huge vivarium alongside our other 2 boys, Reggie and Ralph who are both burmese pythons and loves to mess up all the decoration within his viv!


 Bearded Dragon

Age: unsure but think around 3 years old

Dinkie is a relatively new addition to into the wild and is very small for her age. she has a very cute and gentle manner and will quite happily eat her locusts from your hands. 
She loves to be hands on and interactive with you and will sit and hold onto your tshirt for hours and just get carried around.

Overall a very beautiful bearded dragon to see


Red Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

Age: Around 6 Months old

Ganymede is already a much loved character both at into the wild and at predators. He was bred in store and is the son of solar and lunar. You can often find him out of his tank and climbing the tree placed on the desk for him. He is a very cheeky chameleon and is a little charmer with the ladies!!

Ganymede has been active at into the wild for about 2 months and is very much a regular face.

He loves locusts, crickets and occasionally the odd grub!

Ganymede is very good at acting and will more often than not happily oblige when you ask him to do an impression of a bat ;)


Bearded Dragon

Age: Around 5 years old

As a fully grown male bearded dragon, Homer tops the length at about 12 inches.
He is full of little quirks including his tail been slightly bent on the tip and his permenant cheeky smile. Homer loves to run around at into the wild and will happily go to anybody for a bit of love, petting and general interaction.

Homer likes to spend most of his days in predators right at the front of his glass been nosey and watching people come and go. He doesnt like to miss anything. 


Sulcata Tortoise

Age: Around 11 Years

Gregory came to us as a rescue around 2 Years ago as he had outgrown and eaten (yes eaten!) his previous home. Gregory moved in with Norman and after 18 months Gregory is no longer as grumpy as he was when he first arrived.
Gregory was known as grumpy greg and still on occasions receives this nickname. He loved to shrug and be very vocal if you touched him but now welcomes a good scrub and stroke of his shell.

Unfortunately Gregory is picking up on Normans bad eating habits and is currently as i type attempting to eat the 'fragile tape' off a box.....whilst Norman attempts the box!


 Female red bar ambilobe panther chameleon

Age: 3 years old

Europa is a very shy but loving panther chameleon. We purchased Europa to eventually breed with solar and she very quickly became used to us. She only does a couple of parties as people do tend to like Solars brighter colours but when Europa visits into the wild she always steals the show running and climbing over everyone, she especially love to use long hair as a rope!



Hypo Burmese Python


Limited edition


Limited edition


White phase Albino Reticulated Python


Red Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

Age: Around 6 Months old

Solaris is already a much loved character both at into the wild and at predators. He was bred in store and is the son of solar and lunar and the brother of Ganymede.

Although Solaris is the older brother (by a few days!) of Ganymede he is the smallest of the pair. He is an extremely cheeky chameleon and loves to jump around. Solaris has been active at into the wild for about 2 months and is very much a regular face. He loves locusts and crickets and occasionally is caught with a plastic leaf in his mouth!!




Legless Lizard

In Memory Of....


Male Red Bar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

2017 - April 2019


Female Barn Owl

September 2017 - 1st January 2020